August 2016

Finally got Promoted!  Now What?

Congratulations. You've done great work.  Everyone noticed.  You've been promoted to a leadership role.   You made it. 

Now What?

The first important step is to recognize what needs to change and develop.  In you.  Your future success will be dependent on how well your team performs.  It's now all about them, and less about you.  And your continued growth and learning will support your team. 

It starts with clearly defining your role and your value as a new leader.

Know Yourself

Remember, it’s not about how smart or experienced we are as leaders that creates our success.  Rather, it’s about how self-aware we are and how well we observe ourselves in action to allow us to shift seamlessly along the way. 

It’s not enough to have good intentions as a new leader if you’re not clear about how you’re being perceived.  Perhaps surprisingly, most of us are quite unaware of our impacts, and continue blindly along the way.

Engage a trusted colleague or coach to help you answer the following questions to become self-aware in your leadership approach.  Ask yourself:

  • Do I clearly know my strengths and areas of opportunity?  Would others who work with and around me agree with my assessment?

  • Am I clear about my thinking patterns and how I use them in specific situations, and how they impact others?  When I am under pressure, or being criticized?

  • In what ways is this new role different from my previous role?  How will those differences translate into new value within this role?

  • Which of my skills and strengths are likely to be most valuable in my new situation and which have the potential to get me into trouble?

  • What aspects of my own personal development will require some attention in my new role? What personal strengths should I leverage? 

  • What new capabilities will I need to develop or acquire?

Silence your Einstein

Many people are promoted to leadership positions because they are good at what they do. They're the technical experts so there's frequently a struggle to let go of being the doer, and to recognize what the team needs.  Making this shift requires leaders to redefine what success looks like in a leadership role.  I coach many leaders moving into higher-level positions and one of the first things we do together is to get crystal clear about what they need to leave behind, delegate to others and further develop and learn.

It’s easy to become comfortable with the picture we have of ourselves.  If we don’t periodically test our self-awareness assumptions, we run the risk of overlooking important impacts on others that can undermine results.

The good news is that becoming self-aware doesn’t have to painful.  But it does take introspection and being open to feedback from others.  Increasing self-awareness can help put together a whole picture of yourself to recognize your most important simple shifts toward greater leadership effectiveness!


  • Communicate as much as you can, and more than you think you need to.  Common feedback from employees is that they are not kept in the loop with important information.
  • Become aware of your impact on others by asking for feedback to help you recognize what’s most important to your team, and how you are being perceived.  
  • Listen well which can be harder than it seems.  The more you actively listen, the better you will understand the important issues and concerns.  And sometimes, just listening is all that’s required.
  • Remember that becoming an effective leader takes time!  Reflect on your progress each week and you’ll be surprised at your growth and learning.

“The road to success is always under construction” -  Lily Tomlin

Are you achieving the results you want?
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