October 2013

Simple Shifts: Effective Leadership Changes Everything

October has been both exhilarating and challenging as all the final pieces of my book, Simple Shifts, came together.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with wonderful clients, who encouraged me to write a book that highlights my coaching process, and to include many of the tools I use with them.  My goal in writing Simple Shifts was to emphasize the important, common challenges facing leaders, and how to overcome these challenges to become more successful. 

I so believe in simplicity, and have learned through my clients, that it is possible to make important change with an uncomplicated process that creates positive, significant growth. 

The book highlights my simple three-step process that starts with the discovery of the real opportunities, which I’ve found is not always obvious.  Then progressing through a plan and finally achieving sustainable results. 

Real Leaders with Real Challenges

There are over twenty stories in the book about real leaders with real challenges and how they were able to make their own simple shifts toward positive results.

Here’s a brief snapshot of three of them:

  •  A brilliant financial analyst who was the kind of boss no one wanted… a micro manager who didn’t listen and was always “right”.  Through feedback and self-awareness exercises, he recognized important skills he was using in his personal life (volunteer work) and how to integrate those skills at work, which resulted in a promotion to a prominent executive financial position in a large company.
  • An overwhelmed, frustrated director with 80 direct reports in a global company who restructured his team, redefined his role and created new value with his leadership.
  • A senior level systems leader responsible for implementing technology changes in a large organization, frustrated with what he thought were external issues preventing successful results.  He discovered how he needed to be different to create different outcomes.  He recognized how he was controlling the project versus leading the change. As he began to learn about and model new leadership behaviors, his results changed too.

Simple Toolbox

I’ve included the tools that my clients tell me are quite useful to them during our work together.  There are instructions and exercises for each of the tools that are simple to implement and powerful in practice.
If you are wondering what is preventing you from getting the results you want... Or what kind of simple shift you could make to become more successful and effective, then this is the leadership book for you.

Available for Pre-orders

 I’m excited that the book is now available for pre-order through Amazon.  The book banner at the bottom of this e-mail will provide a quick link to my book on Amazon. Pre-orders are really helpful to build momentum, which is why I’m deeply grateful to readers who step up early.  I hope you’ll consider getting one for yourself and one for a colleague!  (Might make great holiday gifts!)

My new book website SimpleShiftsBook.com offers a free download of chapter 1 to give you a preview.  

As always, I appreciate your continued support!

“How do leaders create greater success?  One simple shift at a time.”  - Terri Hughes


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