September 2013

Celebrate Simple Shifts

I am reminded by my publisher this month to take my own advice when I encourage my clients to celebrate their progress and goal achievements.  I always ask my clients to stop and reflect on their growth journey and to remember where they started.  

As I completed the process of finalizing the manuscript of my soon to be published book, Simple Shifts, I took time to reflect on the journey of writing this book from start to finish. Back in late January when my publisher told me that she was expecting a book of 140 to 150 pages it was rather overwhelming to imagine putting together a book with that much content.  Could I actually write that much, and more importantly, would it be any good? 

Celebrate Surprises

But like my process to help clients make change, it’s all about one step at a time. While the intent of my book remained consistent, it took some interesting turns along the way. In the beginning it was hard to imagine filling an entire book, yet as I got started I realized there were so many important ideas, tools and stories that I have discovered in working with my clients. Just the act of organizing and re-connecting with all that material was exhilarating.

One of the most surprising discoveries was how clear I became with my coaching process. I was able to notice new patterns and themes that have helped me further fine-tune my work to be of most help to my clients.  My celebration includes much more than simply finishing the book.  Just the act of stepping back from our daily work can create such amazing opportunities for further clarity and new ideas.

So many of the leaders I coach are under so much pressure to achieve their organizational goals that they become fixed on a pattern of moving quickly from one goal achievement to the next without taking the time to stop and celebrate and recognize the accomplishments.  The simple act of acknowledging progress can help fuel our ability and desire to keep growing. I am very certain that acknowledging my own progress along the path of writing my book kept me on task and on deadline to complete it and have it published within 9 months. And I’m happy to say that I can celebrate that accomplishment. The book will be released at the end of October. 

Celebrate Growth

When reaching the conclusion of a coaching engagement, I ask my clients to review their first few weeks of discussion notes in order to recognize how far they have come. Usually we have a good laugh at what they were initially afraid of or were concerned about. Then we take a few moments to celebrate.  One recent client told me she recognized that the achievement of her coaching goal was just a beginning rather than an endpoint.  And she was right.

As you think about your own progress with any goals that you are working to achieve or have achieved, remember to celebrate all along the way, particularly if it’s a personal change that you are making.  And take some time to stop and reflect on your journey whether it’s across a few weeks or several months.

An effective celebration doesn’t have to include a big event.  It can be as small as simply taking a few moments to recognize where you started and how far you’ve come.   As leaders, celebrating with teams could be a simple group thank you and special recognition of the team’s personal growth in accomplishing their goals.  It’s as much about the journey as it is the destination.  It’s how we understand where we are and how we got there!  Take time to STOP and celebrate the simple shifts.

As you celebrate your achievements, ask yourself:
  • Where have I grown the most over the past several months?
  • How am I keeping that place alive for myself?
  • What am I proudest of?
  • What was most surprising?
  • What have I learned about myself?
  • What first step will I take toward my next goal? 

The important point is this: we are always growing and changing. The opportunity is to recognize the growth along the way to create momentum to keep going.

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.” – Tom Peters


Watch for my new book in late October: 

Simple Shifts:  Effective Leadership Changes Everything


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