Simple Shifts

2015 North American Book Award Winner.  A must-read for anyone serious about growing as a leader and creating positive influence on others. Simple Shifts focuses on self-discovery with tools and exercises to overcome challenges, recognize strengths, and achieve important growth.

Simple shifts, big results

Effective leadership changes everything – your work, personal life, who you are, and your perspective. It’s a transformation that’s within your grasp.

The best leaders value change and try new things. They are the brave ones who make simple shifts,” realizing how small changes in behavior can lead to big results.

At the core of my work and services is an ability to connect and explore difficult issues with leaders, fostering a relationship grounded in trust. That’s when simple shifts happen. That’s when changes toward effective leadership occur.

I’m a champion of making things as easy as possible, even when the changes may appear daunting. My practical and measurable approach, crafted over many years in leadership development, involves an effective three-step process you won’t find elsewhere. It’s tailored to meet your needs and aspirations, and no single program is alike because everyone has unique challenges. The goal: to enable great results.

My three-step process:

  • DISCOVER – The first step involves exploring what needs to change or shift, discovering what’s possible, clarifying goals and expectations, and increasing self-awareness.
  • PROGRESS – Creating and following a plan. Here we’ll experiment with a simple shift, evaluate the results and refine the plan.
  • ACHIEVE – I believe in celebrating strengths and successes, and measuring progress. In this final stage we’ll reflect on the journey while keeping the momentum.

The approach has no boundaries. It works across all industries, small and large companies, and can be tailored for a single leader or group sessions.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Leadership transitions (behavioral and role changes)
  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Improving communication skills
  • Developing personal and team effectiveness

We can choose to stay blind, go in circles or we can discover new ways to be more effective leaders. Click here to start being the change you want to see.