Simple Shifts

A must-read for anyone serious about growing as a leader and creating positive influence on others. Simple Shifts focuses on self-discovery with tools and exercises to overcome challenges, recognize strengths, and achieve important growth.

  1. Give Yourself the Gift of Reflection Terri Hughes 09-Dec-2014
  2. let it Go... Terri Hughes 20-Nov-2014
  3. Overworked and Overwhelmed? Terri Hughes 13-Oct-2014
  4. The Power of Mentoring Circles Terri Hughes 30-Sep-2014
  5. Take Off Those Blinders Terri Hughes 08-Sep-2014
Terri Hughes

Leadership Enlightenment

It’s a noisy world and there is a blaring cry for effective leadership.

Today’s leaders are faced with big challenges. They’re looking “outside” of themselves for solutions to engage and collaborate with their teams.

A new and better approach is needed, because effective leadership changes everything. The answers are close and tangible and are within you. To borrow from Lao Tzu, the great Chinese sage, “When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be.”

The goal is self-awareness — being vulnerable, introspective and accepting constructive feedback. Our actions and words may lead us astray, taking us farther from the results we want. We can choose to stay blind, go in circles or we can discover new ways to be more effective leaders.

The best leaders are the ones who try new things, new approaches. They innovate and make simple shifts recognizing how small changes lead to big results. The best leaders are the brave ones who have gained clarity and confidence through self-awareness.