June 2013

Small Changes Can Create BIG Results!

In this spring season of renewal and re-growth, it’s the perfect time to look at personal leadership growth and the huge tangible benefits of even small shifts. 

Am I ready for personal growth?

Are you noticing patterns or themes that indicate a need for you to change? Pay attention to reoccurring thoughts you are having, or people indicating directly or indirectly that change may be needed.

Are you feeling unfocused or restless, overwhelmed or anxious? When things just don’t feel “right” or something seems missing, it’s usually time for some change.

When I felt it was time for me to leave the comfort of a corporate position and start my new business, I had to answer the question of whether I was ready for my own change. This self-examination was well worth it.  I got clear with my goals, and how I wanted to serve my clients. I knew I was ready to transition from the corporate life to my own business. While I recognized there was great risk in starting a new business, I determined that the benefits of doing this work far outweighed the risks.  Practically speaking, I took inventory of all the things I would need help with, and made sure to rely on the expertise of those who did.  I continue to learn great lessons along the way: you can’t do it alone, and how to be comfortable with uncertainty and explore how to move through it with purposeful action. 

Why is it important to keep growing as a leader? Aren't my current skills good enough?

If you are a leader committed to forward movement, you will want to focus on continuing your own personal growth. It doesn’t mean that you have to change who you are. When I work with leaders who have been asked to make personal changes, the initial level of resistance is naturally high. It’s so important to understand that the changes will simply enhance their natural style versus change it completely. I have never seen a leader make a total change in style or personality. What I have seen are important shifts that totally change the way that leader is seen by others.  

Take a few moments to think about these questions:

  • What would you like to accomplish for yourself in the next six months or a year, and what difference would that make for you if you are incredibly successful?
  • What would be the best part? 
  • What have been your experiences with personal change in the past? 
  • What is challenging or stands in your way or slows you down? What’s missing?

The important point is this: we are always growing and changing. The opportunity is to create a focused approach to growth and change to allow a conscious effort to create the best results.

How do I decide what's most important to change?

It’s a great question and has a lot to do with your level of self-awareness. Get some feedback from others to help you see yourself clearly to understand more fully your impact on others. Engage trusted colleagues and friends to provide you with feedback to help uncover your blind spots.  

Ask yourself to envision what success would look like if everything was working just the way you wanted both for you and your team. As you get clear with that vision, ask what’s preventing or slowing you from getting there. What challenges are you seeing? This process will help you to get clear on the success results you want to achieve. Then you can more accurately decide on the needed personal changes to help you get there.

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” – Ben Franklin

 Struggling with leadership effectiveness or business change?
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