September 2014

Manage Energy - Not Time

July 2014 marked my fourth year in business, and what a great year it was!  Accomplishments included many new clients in a variety of new industries, new projects and my first published book, Simple Shifts.

I’m often asked how I manage everything I do.  What’s my time management secret?

Energy/Time Balance

Just about all of my clients struggle with their management of time. Since we all have the same amount of time in each day, the issue is less about time management and more about getting clear on how to focus energy and use time wisely.

AM or PM?

Are you a morning or a night person? When I ask this question to my clients, some give me a confused look. Others are quick to say which part of the day they are most clear and alert.  It’s important to recognize which you are and to align your most important work to your best time of day. 

Daily Ups and Downs

Our bodies naturally go through various stages during the day of feeling up and down, awake and sleepy, alert and foggy. Because the cycles are somewhat predictable, it’s good to recognize your personal cycle and think about the type of work you do and when each aspect of that work is easiest to accomplish.

For example, I’m a morning person, so I always schedule my most creative thoughtful work in the mornings. I did the writing on my book several days a week between 5-7am which allowed me a two-hour block of uninterrupted time during my best part of the day.  It’s also when I organize my client notes and ideas for the next sessions. I handle the more routine tasks like paying bills, creating invoices, or answering e-mails in the afternoon.

You’ll be amazed when you recognize your natural energy cycles, how much more you can get done, and how much better you’ll feel at the end of the day.

Energy Check

As you begin your work schedule next week, try paying attention to your energy and how you feel at the end of the day. At the end of the week, take a look back and notice where you were most energized and where you were most drained. Add these questions to your daily reflection list.

  • What times of the day was I most alert? Did I make the most of this time?
  • What times was I least alert? What can I do with this time to increase my effectiveness and my energy? 
  • What drains my energy? Think about relationships in addition to my work tasks.
  • Where could I make simple changes to manage my energy most effectively throughout the day?

Sometimes just a few simple shifts can make a huge difference!  

"Energy, not time, is our most precious resource."—J. Loehr and T. Schwartz

Are you achieving the results you want?
The best leaders make simple shifts or practical changes for big results.  I work closely with leaders to create practical solutions to achieve real success. Let me help you discover what's possible. Visit my website for details.

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